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Bury Tomorrow kündigen ihr neues Album „The Seventh Sun“ an

Bury Tomorrow 2022

Foto: Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow kündigen mit „The Seventh Songs“ ihr brandneues Album für den 31. März 2023 an. Daraus präsentieren die Briten mit „Abandon Us“ einen ersten Vorgeschmack.

We are proud to present, ‘The Seventh Sun’. It is an understatement to say we are excited to share the new era of Bury Tomorrow with you all and the first single from the album, Abandon Us, is the perfect way to showcase our intent for the next phase of our band,” say the six-piece. “Visceral and heavy, this track is for each and every one of you that has stood by us either from the beginning, or supported us along the way.Bury Tomorrow

Über den neuen Song sagt die Band:

It started with a demo simply entitled, Abandon. Taken from a time of loss, uncertainty and insecurity, the intent was to create a heavy track that mirrored these feelings. The lyrics highlight the frustration and anger at the current state of our society and how our so-called leaders seem intent on satisfying self-interest above the collective needs of humanity.Bury Tomorrow

Video: Bury Tomorrow – Abandon Us

Tracklist: Bury Tomorrow – The Seventh Sun

01. The Seventh Sun
02. Abandon Us
03. Begin Again
04. Forced Divide
05. Boltcutter
06. Wrath
07. Majesty
08. Heretic
09. Recovery?
10. Care
11. The Carcass King

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