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Comeback Kid mit erster Single vom neuen Album

Die kanadische Hardcore Band Comeback Kid präsentiert mit „Absolute“ einen ersten Song aus ihrem kommenden Album. Ein Titel wurde bisher nicht verraten. Dafür aber, dass das neue Werk über das deutsche Label Nuclear Blast erscheinen wird. Zuvor standen Comeback Kid bei Victory Records unter Vertrag.

Für den neuen Song „Absolute“ hat sich die Band Devin Townsend ins Boot geholt. Dieser gilt in der Szene als wahre Legende und ist neben seinen Soloprojekten auch als Produzent sehr erfolgreich.

Comeback Kid-Frontmann Andrew Neufeld zur Arbeit mit Nuclear Blast:

„We are ecstatic to be signing with Nuclear Blast. A label that has been running for 30 years and home to some of hardcore and metal’s most integral acts. Like COMEBACK KID, Nuclear Blast is a label that focuses it’s energy globally as they have offices all over the world. That is really exciting for us as a band that prides itself on playing in as many corners of the earth as possible. 

Here in Canada we are joining up with long time friends at New Damage/Dine Alone. We have worked closely with them before so we know it will be a great fit and fresh start in our home country.

Our new album is going to be the most diverse and interesting record yet in my opinion. There are a few collaborations and we stepped outside of our box and out of our comfort zone a lot on this one. I’ve worked with Devin Townsend on another project before so to have him sing on „Absolute“ was awesome for us. I was conjuring up his vocal style anyways when laying down the guide vocals before we knew he was on board for the song. When we asked him to be a part of it he was open and willing so we thank him for that. He definitely put his unique stamp on it.

On to the next chapter for COMEBACK KID with a new team to help us share our music. We will be starting a new cycle of touring around the world starting this summer. Can’t wait to share what we have been working on.“

Am 21. Juni sind Comeback Kid gemeinsam mit Every Time I Die und Lifesick im Béi Chéz Heinz in Hannover zu Gast. Präsentiert wird Euch die Show vom Count Your Bruises Magazine. Tickets bekommt Ihr hier: TICKETS

Stream: Comeback Kid feat. Devin Townsend – Absolute

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