Sam Rice (Hang The Bastard)

Mit „Sex In The Seventh Circle“ steht die britische Metalband Hang The Bastard mit ihrem neuen Werk in den Starlöchern – Veröffentlichungstermin ist der 19. September. Vorher hat sich Gitarrist Sam Rice die Zeit genommen, uns ein paar Fragen zu beantworten.

Last year you said that you want to rethink what the band is about and which path you want to choose. What is your result?

At that point the band had reached something of a crossroads, our vocalist had departed, and as everyone knows that can always throw a band in upheaval. We stayed cool about it, met up and talked about where we wanted to go with Hang The Bastard. Our bass player at the time(Tomas) had done some backing vocals on our self titled ep, which sounded disgusted and reminiscent of the late Johnny Morrow of the legendary Nottingham Sludge band, Iron Monkey. This band had always had a massive influence on HTB, so we thought it might be cool to have Tom on vocals and go down a more sludgier path musically. This of course left a vacancy in the bass department, so we decided to get our friend Joe Nally, who we had toured with while he was (and still is) singing in his band Chapters. This came together quite nicely, myself(Sam Rice, guitarist) and him quickly struck up a solid writing partnership, and the four of us wrote the album which is Sex In The Seventh Circle. That kinda brings us up to speed!

You guys are pretty young but you have already started the band in late 2007. Is it hard to be self-assertive in the scene when you are younger?

Not particularly, we were in our early twenties when we started out, very hungry, very ambitious. We’d play any show, anywhere, on any day of the week. The hard work really paid off in us establishing ourselves. You’ve just gotta go for it and if you put the hours in you’ll find people start taking you seriously.

What can we expect from your new record „Sex In The Seventh Circle“?

Dirty grooves, sonic vocals and some interesting ideas. It was a lot of fun to write and it really sums up where we are as a band right now- more mature, but with the same imagination that has gone into all of our previous records.

What is the main difference between this record and your last ones?

Apart from the big lineup change, this album has dropped all of the hardcore influence that was part ingredient of our sound with our last records. Instead of being a hardcore/riffy crossover, this is pretty much straight ahead stoner metal with some interesting bits thrown in as always.

Is there a main message you want to sent to your fans?

Just thank you for understanding what we’re about! We’ve always wanted to have fun with the band and we feed off of fans and people in general at the shows enjoying themselves along with us.

What is the biggest progress you did in the last years in your opinion?

Overcoming the turbulence of members coming and going, regrouping and reinventing ourselves in a way that hasn’t damaged our integrity. Then going on to play some great shows, festivals, all the time while writing an album that we’re proud of.

How does the future of Hang The Bastard looks like?

Very bright! We have the release of this album and the buzz that comes with it to follow, not to mention two more tours this year alone. Next year will be the year of the bastard, mark my words!



Sex In The Seventh Circle

Release: 19. September

Label: Century Media Records




 Hang The Bastard

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