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Petrol Girls präsentieren weiteren Song „Sister“ aus „The Future Is Dark“

Petrol Girls

Foto: Bernhard Wimmer

Die Petrol Girls haben für den 14. September ihre neue EP „The Future Is Dark“ angekündigt, die drei Songs umfassen wird. Nachdem bereits der Track „Survivor“ präsentiert wurde, veröffentlicht die Post-Hardcore Band – in der auch Astpai-Sänger Zock mitwirkt – mit „Sister“ einen neuen Song samt Video.

Sänger Ren Aldridge dazu:

“I’ve been wanting for us to write a song about sisterhood for a long time, because it’s these relationships that have had the biggest impact on my life and that form the heart of my feminism. I’ve got two younger blood sisters and a few very close friends that I consider sisters, as well as our family dog Skye who passed away last summer but I loved her like a sister too. All of those relationships have taught me so much. They’ve guided me, taken care of me, made me laugh til I cry and nurtured me into better versions of myself. I think society often puts too much emphasis on sexual relationships when sisterhood is incredibly important and powerful. This song celebrates a relationship that can pose a real threat to capitalism and patriarchy because it challenges competition and is built on care and trust.”

Die EP wurde nach einem Virginia Woolf-Zitat benannt, welches die Schriftstellerin Rebecca Solnit als Ausgangspunkt für ihren Aufsatz „Woolf’s Darkness“ in „Men Esplain Things To Me“ verwendet. Aldridge kommentiert:

“The dark, just like the future, is full of possibilities. It makes me think about how its only in the dark that we can see the stars and think about ourselves as just tiny parts of this cosmic system, as part of a bigger picture. I find it really grounding and inspiring to feel individually small but part of something huge.”

Video: Petrol Girls – Sister

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Petrol Girls – The Future Is Dark
Release: 14. September 2018
Label: Hassle Records

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