Acres: Hört hier die neue Single „Nothing.“

Acres 2023
Foto: Pressefreigabe/KINDA

Acres haben mit „Nothing.“ einen neuen Song veröffentlicht und damit einen weiteren Vorgeschmack auf ihr kommendes Album „Burning Throne“, das uns am 03. März erwartet.

Für den Song machen die Briten gemeinsame Sache mit Garrett Russel von Silent Planet.

[su_quote cite=“Ben Lumber“]’Nothing.‘ is probably the heaviest song we’ve ever written and one of my favourites from Burning Throne. We were really stoked to have our good friend Garrett Russell from SILENT PLANET feature on this song, we’ve never had a feature on one of our records and we knew it had to be someone special to us![/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=“Garrett Russel“]My friendship with ACRES was formed on the road. In rest stops between long drives, in graffiti-laced green rooms behind dilapidated dive bar stages – that’s where this collaboration all started. However much I enjoy the band ACRES, it could only pale in comparison to my love of the individuals behind the sound. Through the years they’ve continued their grind and I think this new release shows what they are capable of. It’s an honour to join them on this new step of their journey and I believe the best is here and still, somehow, yet to come.[/su_quote]

Video: Acres – Nothing.

Tracklist: Acres – Burning Throne

01. Nothing. (feat Garrett Russell)
02. Burning Throne
03. Hold On
04. The Death of Me
05. Visual Hallucinations
06. My Everything
07. Feel Anything
08. Into Flames
09. When You’re Gone
10. Lost in Our Own World