Boston Manor präsentieren ihre neue Single „Ratking“

Boston Manor 2020
Foto: Pressefreigabe / KINDA Agency

Nachdem Boston Manor mit „On A High Ledge“ eine weitere neue Single aus ihrem kommenden Album „Glue“ präsentierten (News), lassen die Briten ihre Fans nicht lange warten und schieben den Song „Ratking“ hinterher.

Frontmann Henry Cox erklärt:

„A ratking is a phenomenon that occurs when several rats tails become intertwined and they get stuck. This causes them to struggle harder, which only makes the knot tighter. Eventually, they’re unable to move and they die. ‚Ratking‘ is about our tribalism as a species and our inability to empathize and work together as a collective. Even those who consider themselves tolerant should look at their inbuilt biases. I think our inability to show compassion to people who think differently to us is what is holding us back. We’ve seen this so much over the last few years. Just because someone voted differently to you does not make them a bad person or their feelings invalid. Even if someone is a hateful person, don’t deny that person the opportunity to change. We need to help each other to grow rather than trying to cancel, shout down, ridicule or attack each other.“

Das neue Album „Glue“ kommt am 01. Mai auf den Markt und ist der Nachfolger des 2018er Albums „Welcome To The Neighbourhood“ (Albumreview).

Video: Boston Manor – Ratking

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Boston Manor - Glue AlbumcoverBoston Manor – Glue
Release: 01. Mai 2020
Label: Pure Noise Records