Clowns mit neuer Musik: „Bisexual Awakening“

Foto: Matthew Oxlade

Clowns, die mitreißende australische Punkrock-Band, bereitet sich auf die Veröffentlichung ihres Albums „ENDLESS“ am 20. Oktober vor. Nachdem die erste Single „Formaldehyde“ bereits veröffentlicht wurde, folgt nun mit „Bisexual Awakening“ der härteste Track der Band. Dieser explosive Song rast mit halsbrecherischer Geschwindigkeit und enthüllt rasante Gitarrenriffs, intensives Schlagzeugspiel und Vocals, die alles aus sich herausholen. Um einen Vorgeschmack auf ihre neue Musik zu bekommen, schaut euch das dazugehörige Video an.

Clocking in at 1.49, “Bisexual Awakening” stands as one of the heaviest songs on our new album ENDLESS. It delivers high-octane energy punk rock alongside lyrics that I wrote about my own journey as a kid who assumed my own straightness until I realised that straight people don’t experience same-sex attraction, like, at all. Haha, it was a pretty profound realisation. The song delves into the pervasive nature of bisexuality, shedding light on the presence of bisexual individuals in everyday life, even if their orientation goes completely unnoticed to themselves or people around them. We hide in plain sight.

I wanted the song to just be like any other Clowns song – fierce, powerful, tongue-in-cheek. I wanted it to blend into the album and our catalogue, symbolising the same way bisexual people often seem to be good at blending into nearly any situation. Once the song was written and demos of it started hitting the ears of our friends and family, it did start to become a quick favourite. The song emphasizes that bisexuals can kinda be like chameleons, adapting to any and many situations, yet can often be left feeling like we don’t truly belong.

Biphobia and bi-invisibility is real and annoying, and the lyrics tackle these topics in my own light-hearted way. I don’t take a lot of things very seriously in my life, and when I do take something seriously, my knee-jerk reaction is to try and see the humour in it in an attempt to stop taking it seriously. And honestly, there is a little bit of humour in being afflicted with bisexual tendencies. Who will I smooch tonight after I clock off from DJing a queer night in Melbourne? It seriously might be anyone, and that, to me, is super fun and exciting way to live and love.Stevie Williams

Video: Clowns – Bisexual Awakening