Corey Taylor und Kid Bookie machen erneut gemeinsame Sache

Corey Taylor CMFT
Foto: WMG

Kid Bookie und Slipknot- und Stone Sour-Frontmann Corey Taylor machen für den Song „Game“ erneut gemeinsame Sache.

A song for you to scream ‘go fuck yourself’ to the face of all gatekeepers. Heavy culture is evolving and being part of the evolution with the teachers who taught us how to evolve is exactly where we need to be right now, an obnoxiously loud, violent piece of music to reflect the tide of the mood, not everything is pretty and sometimes mirroring that sonically is truth in audio. AWOOOH!Kid Bookie

Kid Bookie und Corey Taylor kamen bereits 2019 für den Song „Stuck In My Ways“ zusammen. Die Zusammenarbeit kam damals via Twitter zustande: Erst hatte Kid Bookie Corey Taylor getweetet, dass er gerne einmal mit ihm zusammenarbeiten würde, darauf entgegnete Taylor „Let’s talk my friend!“. Schließlich verkündete Kid Bookie: „People of earth and beyond, me and @CoreyTaylorRock have some very VERY special music coming for you soon . That is all, have a good day.“

Video: Kid Bookie – Game (feat. Corey Taylor)