Gen And The Degenerates stellen Weichen für 2022

Bild: Gary Lambert @GlamGigPics

Irgendwo zwischen klassischem Rock und zynischem Punk bewegen sich Gen And The Degenerates. Dabei geht es den Briten vor allem um die Message ihrer Musik und Inklusivität. Anbei stellt die Band um Frontperson Gen Degenerate ihren neuen Song „Wild Thing“ vor.

Im Statement heisst es:

On the 22nd of April 1966 The Troggs released their version of the song ‚Wild Thing’… On the 16th of November 1996 I was born and my mum repurposed it as a lullaby. She sang it to me each night to send me to sleep and I can’t help but think this might have something to do with how I turned out the way I did. This song is inspired by that. It’s both a celebration and confession of the untamed or unconventional sides of my character that life and other people have tried to squeeze out of me. My intensity, my queerness, my complete inability to march to anyone else’s drummer. I hope that everyone else who has a little streak of something wild in them can feel at home in it too.“Gen And The Degenerates

Video: Gen And The Degenerates – Wild Thing