Gloo präsentieren die neue Single „Down“

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Foto: Hassle Records

Gloo veröffentlichen mit „Down“ die nächste Single nach „Work So Hard“. Ein neues Album soll diesen Sommer erscheinen. Die Singles wurden von Jag Jago produziert, der sich schon für Songs von The Maccabees, Jamie T. und The Ghost Of A Thousand verantwortlich zeigte. Aufgenommen wurden die Tracks im Sommer 2020.

Das Album „A Pathetic Age“ erschien 2019.

Gitarrist und Sänger Thomas Harfield über „Down“:

„Yes, it’s another break-up song, but this is a new thing for Gloo… ‚Down‘ is based around an experience that really shook me, and coming to terms with the reality of being alone again after a long term relationship. Ultimately, the song is about trying to be happy in yourself. The track was almost deleted from my voice memos until we played the riff as a band, immediately gaining the uplifting feel the song needed. It’s Gloo, whilst avoiding any depressing vibes wherever possible, and stood out while we were recording… hearing it back was our first glimpse at how good the session was going to be.“

Stream: Gloo – Down