Less Than Jake teilen zwei neue Songs

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Foto: Paris Visone

Nach der Ankündigung der Deluxe-Version ihres Albums „Silver Linings“ teilt die Ska-Punk-Band Less Than Jake einen brandneuen Track in Form von „Empty Lines“, begleitet von einer Akustikversion ihres Songs „Dear Me“.

„Silver Linings Deluxe“ wird am 21. Oktober 2022 über Pure Noise Records erscheinen und enthält zwei seltene Full-Band-Tracks sowie vier Akustikversionen von Songs des Albums.

Über die Akustik-Version von „Dear Me“ sagt Posaunist Buddy Schaub:

When it came time to pick which tracks we were going to do acoustic versions of for the re-release, “Dear Me” was a definite stand out for me. I knew its haunting lyrics and melodies would translate really well to the stripped-down acoustic world. It was also a chance to tap into and feature the emotional content of this song, especially with the uncanny way our three vocalists’ voices can blend in such a way as to seem almost otherworldly at time.Buddy Schaub

Bassist und Co-Sänger Roger Lima fügt über den brandneuen Track „Empty Lines“ hinzu:

This song feels like a familiar classic, with catchy horns and driving rhythms. Lyrically, I’m touching base with that all too familiar feeling you get when you trust someone and they let you down.Roger Lima

Stream: Less Than Jake – Empty Lines

Stream: Less Than Jake – Dear Me (Akustik-Version)