Loveless teilen neue Single „Drag Me Down“

Foto: Ashley Osborn

Gut einen Monat vor ihrer Europa- und Großbritannien-Tour haben Loveless nach „I Hope I’m Not Sick“ mit „Drag Me Down“ eine weitere neue Single samt Musikvideo veröffentlicht. Sänger und Produzent Julian Comeau sagt über den neuen Song:

‚Drag Me Down‘ is about how in my head I get with every relationship I’ve ever been in. I feel like I’m a hopeless romantic, but with my own struggles with anxiety and my perceptions of myself, I never feel like I’m enough for my partners. I always push people away and find a reason to leave, even with the people I love the most.

Our songs don’t often resolve, musically or lyrically, but it was a deliberate decision for this song.

There’s a lot of hesitation in the lyrics, this feeling of being dragged down by my own imposter syndrome and finally realizing, at the apex of the song, that I’d rather face the down moments with you than without.Julian Comeau

Video: Loveless – Drag Me Down


20.09. Berlin, Columbia Theater
21.09. Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival

Loveless bringen ihre neue Single „I Hope I’m Not Sick“ an den Start