Manchester Punk Fest: Erstes Band Announcement

Das Manchester Punk Fest hat das erste Aufgebot für 2023 bekannt gegeben. Off With Their Heads, Wonk Unit, Big D and the Kids Table, Lightyear, Death By Stereo, Mobina Galore, Catbite, Direct Hit!, The Sewer Cats, Cherym, Comeback Clit und Shooting Daggers sind unter den angekündigten Bands. Das Festival findet am 07., 08. und 09. April an sieben Veranstaltungsorten in Manchester, UK statt. Das vollständige Lineup findet ihr hier:

Line-Up Manchester Punk Fest

Off With their Heads, Wonk Unit, Big D and The Kids Table, Lightyear, Death By Stereo, Youth Avoiders, Mobina Galore, Rat Cage, Phantom Bay, Catbite, After The Fall, Faintest Idea, Direct Hit!, Casual Nausea, Cherym, Call Me Malcolm, A Great Notion, Phinius Gage, Millie Manders and The Shutup, The Human Project, Knife Club, The Deadites, Fortitude Valley, Kaddish, Honey Joy, Cheerbleederz, Heathcliff, Going Off, The Domestics, Wadeye, Zero Again, Shooting Daggers, Syd.31, Epic Problem, Alldeepends, Stone Leek, The Sewer Cats, Comeback Clit, Sniff, The Peterlees, The Red Stains, Laughing in the Face of, Green Eyed Monster, Stay Put, The Lab Rats, High Praise, Electric Press, Lazlo Baby, Spillage, Bossmags, For I Am, Consolation, Batwolf, Death Trails, Jason Stirling, Krupskaya, Distral, Dead Objectives, The Crippens, Plastics,Sarah Caarey, Subordinate, Murder Club, Clayface, Binboy, The Union, Gorilla, The Bread Shed, Rebellion, Zombie Shack, Yes Sandbar.

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