Movements zeigen neues Video zu „Full Circle“

Foto: Kurt Cuffy

Die Emo/Post-Hardcore Band Movements hat zu ihrem Song „Full Circle“ ein neues Video veröffentlicht. Dieser stammt vom Debütalbum „Feel Something“ (Albumreview), das die Band aus Kalifornien bereits 2017 präsentierte. Frontmann Patrick Miranda sagt über den Song und das neue Video:

„We wrote this song about dealing with depression. I’ve struggled with depression for my entire life, and I wanted to write a song that could accurately describe the ups and downs of living with a mental illness. The process is never linear. You can have a handful of good days, feel on top of the world, and suddenly come crashing down into a deep pit. Eventually, you work your way out, but that cycle will always repeat. That’s the idea behind something coming ‘Full Circle.’ The video for ‘Full Circle’ is easily my favorite video that Movements has ever put out. We weren’t sure what direction to take it at first, but we knew from experience that [director] Max Moore would be the guy for the job. This was our fourth time working with Max, and we were more blown away than ever. He was able to create a beautiful storyline with stunning visuals, as well as cast the perfect actors (who are even a real-life couple!) We hope you all enjoy this video as much as we do.“

Ab Mitte April touren Movements gemeinsam mit Boston Manor, Trash Boat und Drug Church durch die USA.

Video: Movements – Full Circle