Neck Deep stellen neue Single „Take Me With You“ vor

Neck Deep
Foto: Elliott Ingham

Neck Deep haben nach „Heartbreak Of The Century“ eine neue Single am Start. Die nennt sich „Take Me With You“, dreht sich um UFOs und Aliens und wurde auch mit einem entsprechenden Musikvideo versehen.

‘Take Me With You’ is one of those songs where I had the title first. Literally as simple as – we should write a song about aliens called Take Me With You. So conceptually and lyrically it was pretty straightforward. A few of us in the band are big UFO heads, particularly Seb (Barlow, Bass), so we had a lot of fun writing this one.

As always there’s a slight social commentary, ultimately I’d rather be (hypothetically) abducted by aliens than stick round on this ‘hellish sack of burning trash’. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a slight nod to Blink-182’s ‘Aliens Exist’ too, but you can blame Tom for infecting my fragile mind at a young age and then going and busting the UFO world wide open! It’s a little bit of fun before we come at people with the more meaningful stuff a little later down the line.Ben Barlow

Video: Neck Deep – Take Me With You

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