Power Trip melden sich zurück

Knapp vier Jahre nach dem plötzlichen Tod von Power Trip Frontmann Riley Gale melden sich die Texaner zurück und verkünden, Teil des No Values Festivals zu sein, welches am 8. Juni in Pomona, Kalifornien stattfinden wird. Den Platz am Mikrofon übernimmt Seth Gilmore, der bereits im Dezember ein kleines Überraschungskonzert mit der Band spielte und ebenfalls Frontmann der Bands Skourge und Fugitive ist, in denen auch Power Trip-Gitarrist Blake Ibanez zockt.

Hier das Statement der Band:

Nearly four years ago to the day, unbeknownst to us, we would perform for the last time as Power Trip. It has been a difficult road since then, marked by deep pain, grief, and everything else that came with losing our brother Riley. We know this can’t be undone, and it will always remain part of us. We have thought deeply about the future of Power Trip and what always comes back to us is that this band was founded on resilience, perseverance, and most importantly: a love for the music and for all of the people it has brought us closer to along the way. We’ll never have the words to convey our appreciation of the enduring support we’ve received over the years, and we feel as though the time is right to get back on stage for all of you who’ve been there throughout our existence as a band. With that, we are excited to announce a round of upcoming 2024 performances starting with @novaluesfestival on June 8th in SoCal. Joining us will be our long-time close friend/collaborator, and singer of Fugitive / Skourge —Seth Gilmore—who will be handling vocals for these upcoming shows. Stay tuned, more info on the way… Riley Gale Forever. Power Trip Forever. See you in the pit.<span class="su-quote-cite">Power Trip</span>

Ob es über diesen Gig hinaus weitere Pläne mit Gilmore am Gesang gibt und eventuell sogar an einem neuen Album gearbeitet wird, ist bisher jedoch noch nicht bekannt. Lassen wir uns überraschen.


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