Talco teilen Video zur Single „Game Over“

Foto: Pressefreigabe

Talco präsentieren zu ihrem Song „Game Over“ ein neues Musikvideo. Der Track stammt von ihrem letzten Album „Videogame“, das im September vergangenen Jahres auf den Markt kam.

Die Band über den Song:

Having reached the final level of his living videogame, our player continues to run away from himself, immersed in a fear that is tearing him apart. Convinced that the solution is to find a way out of the labyrinth in front of him, he is preparing to go through the last effort of the game. During the escape, he slowly realizes that all his anxieties have drawn an intricate labyrinth in front of him but that in reality it does not exist except in his mind. Noticing this trap, he starts to understand himself, winning the game and his fear lying on a boat in which he embraces his wonderful life again. „Game Over“ despite being an autobiographical song, tries to talk about the reality of the world around us, where education to excel against each others, to appear in the eyes of others, to climb to show oneself, fills the people, transforming him into a parody of themselves, while fear sinks its claws into a selfish, unscrupulous, and often racist human being. This need to assert ourselves to the detriment of others through competition distracts us from the happiest and simplest of solutions: stop, observe the joy of one’s uniqueness and the freedom of one’s solitude, in love with one’s present and no longer projected on an obsessed future or a past that is always behind us.<span class="su-quote-cite">Talco</span>

Video: Talco – Game Over