The Bouncing Souls mit neuer Version von „Highway Kings“

The Bouncing Souls
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The Bouncing Souls werden am 23. Oktober ihr Album „Volume 2“ veröffentlichen. Daraus präsentiert die US-Punkrock-Band nun die neue Version des Songs „Highway Kings“, der im Original auf dem 2013er Album „Anchors Aweigh“ zu finden ist.

Bassist Bryan Kienlen kommentiert:

„One of my favorite places in the world to be is on the road, between places. It’s a unique combination of feeling free of wherever you just left, and the excitement of the unknown ahead. I’m so grateful that all my favorite people in the world share my love of the highway. I penned these lyrics in our truck while doing just that, rolling down the highway on tour. It’s a celebration of what we do, and who we are, word for word. This time, we really marched into unknown territory. I had no expectations going into this, I certainly didn’t expect to end up so excited by what we accomplished. Certain tracks on this record are true departures for us, and that was so liberating, I think we’ve broken some stale molds we’d formed over the decades. The music is totally fresh, and the song lyrics really get a chance to shine in this new setting“.

The Bouncing Souls veröffentlichten zuletzt 2016 ihr zehntes Studioalbum „Simplicity“.

Video: The Bouncing Souls – Highway King

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The Bouncing Souls Volume 2 CoverThe Bouncing Souls – Volume 2
Release: 23. Oktober 2020
Label: Pure Noise Records
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01. Argyle
02. Gone
03. Late Bloomer
04. Simple Man
05. Hopeless Romantic
06. Kids and Heroes
07. Favorite Thing
08. Highway Kings
09. World On Fire
10. Say Anything
11. Ghosts On The Boardwalk