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Mit „EP’s Going Steady“ veröffentlichten No Fun At All 1998 eine Compilation aus EPs und Singles ihrer Diskografie. SBÄM Records hat diese Sammlung nun als Re-Release auf den Markt gebracht. Neben Songs von Singles und Compilations enthält sie auch Cover von Circle Jerks, Coffin Break, The Dead Kennedys, Elvis Costello, The Hard Ons und den Misfits. In einem Track By Track verrät uns Gitarrist Mikael Danielsson mehr über die insgesamt 25 Songs.

„Guess we we ́re hanging out too much with Millencolin.“

„Vision“ CD-Single (Song 1 bis 9)

The songs were initially meant for a second demo tape after the first one “Touchdown”. Then Burning Heart got in contact and wanted to release a CD-single. Back then we were 3 piece band with me, Mikael Danielsson on guitar, Henrik Suvisson on bass and Jimmie Olsson on drums. I used to sing during the rehearsal cause Jimmie had problems to sing at the same time as he was drumming. But I wanted Jimmie to sing on the recording cause he was much better singer than me. So when we went into the studio Jimmie had never sang the songs before. But it turned out really good anyway. Everything was done very quickly during 3 days back in 1993. The songs are fast and raw. Haha, like half of the songs got “whoooaaah”-choruses. Guess Misfits was a big influence back then. The album cover was put together very quickly by Peter Ahlqvist cause he wanted it to be out before the festival Bergslagsrocken, so we could promote it. It got loads of misspellings and some
wrong information on in it. It think most of it corrceted on the DeNihil vinyl version.

„Stranded“ CD-Single (Song 10 bis 14)

Haha, our only “hit single”, it went up to 23 on the swedish single chart before it disappeared. The front cover is made by famous swedish cartoonist Ulf Lindqvist. The name of the surfing sausage is Assar and the words “I was so heavy man I lived on the strand” is taken from the Black Flag/Circle Jerks song “Wasted” covered on the single. Pretty awful cover of the Dead Kennedys- In Sight, Jello Biafra is not that easy to interpret. Decent version of Coffin Break-Wiser. For some strange reason we got some more “ska-guitar” in “Don ́t Know Nothing” after the the horribly try in “Evil Worms”. Guess we we ́re hanging out too much with Millencolin.

„And Now For Something Completly Different“ CD-Single (Song 15 bis 18)

Actually I don ́t remember the reason we did this single. The plan was to choose one cover-song each but as you notice there is only 4 songs and we were 5 members. The reason was that we recorded a dreadful reggae-like version of The Beatles- “Eight Days a Week”. Hope it will never reach the surface. My favourite is the Magazine song but the Costello song is pretty cool too. Ingemar played the acoustic guitar on “Where Eagles Dare”. I like the verses very much but the chorus is a little bit too joyful. We used to play the punk version of the song live for a very long time.

The recording was done in the metal studio The Abyss together with Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain among others). It was first time using Mesa Boogie Rectifier and we were really impressed by the heavy sound and brought it along to „The Big Knockover“.

„Don ́t Be A Pansy“ (Song 19)

The first time we went into Studio Underground and we were really happy with the result. Ingemar was new in the band together with Kjell and Christer. We recorded „Don ́t Be a Pansy“ and „Growing Old Growing Cold“ for two different compilations. We recorded a new version of „GOGC“ during the „No Straight Angles“ session but it did ́t turn out any good so we used this one instead.

„Can ́t Go Far“ (Song 20)

Leftover from the „No Straight Angles“ session. Re-recorded version together with “Days In The Sun” from the Touchdown demo. Brought it back in the live set for a while not that long ago but now it ́s gone.

„Alcohol“ (Song 23)

Our anthem during the 90 ́s! Gang Green classic that we used to finish off our sets with, in wild manner. Haha, can ́t quite relate to the message nowadays.

„Leaving“ (Song 22)

Leftover from the „Out Of Bound“ session. A hidden gem in the NFAA catalouge! Awesome riffage and some nice melodies.

„On My Way“ (Song 23)

Leftover from the „The Big Knockover“ session. Actually the first song we started to rehearse before that album but it didn ́t really turn out the way I wanted it to.

„Dying Everyday“ (Song 24)

NFAA tries to go action-rock. Seemed funny the first time.

„Walk A Mile For You“ (Song 25)

Another shot at the rock-thing but I like this one much better. Guess I was into Motörhead around that time. Ingemar sings about his urge for cigarettes.

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