Trash Boat mit Live-Video zu „Synthetic Sympathy“

Trash Boat News
Foto: Pressefreigabe/ Hopeless Records

Die britische Screamo Band Trash Boat hat ein Live-Video zu dem im letzten Jahr erschienenen Song „Synthetic Sympathy“ veröffentlicht. Ob der Song zu einem neuen Album gehören wird ist bisher noch immer nicht bekannt. Zuletzt erschien 2018 das Album „Crown Shyness“. Sänger Tobias Duncan sagt über den Song:

„When you’re experiencing problems in life that are long term or permanent, it often alters the way in which your friends and family interact with you.

Such a prominent thing can become the first port of call for conversation or serve as a platform for people to offer sympathy, as this is really the only thing available,“ he continued. „I’m not saying this is bad. I’m fortunate enough to have people I know that love me and know I love them. I think being honest and discussing these things are important. People need support.

This song is just a source for me to vent about the looming dread of life, perpetuated by a never ending chain of equally inconsequential conversations, that after so much time and repetition, only serve to remind me that it exists until it doesn’t feel real anymore.“

Video: Trash Boat – Synthetic Sympathy