While She Sleeps veröffentlichen Dokumentation „So What? The Documentary“

While She Sleeps
Foto: While She Sleeps/Facebook

While She Sleeps haben ihre Dokumentation „So What? The Documentary“ veröffentlicht, in der sie in rund 40 Minuten einen Einblick in die Arbeiten an ihrem gleichnamigen, kommenden Album geben. Das neue Werk wird am 01. März in die Läden kommen. Die Band dazu auf Facebook:

„We wanted to capture the parts of making a record that are never promoted or talked about. It’s hard to see through the eyes of social media that life happens before music. You get to see the absolute end product of an artists work in one scroll or less these days. We wanted a fly on the wall to capture the inside workings of our band and life as to give you an insight into what really goes into making an album. This is very personal to us so we hope you enjoy it and respect our trust in you by showing you this.“

Video: While She Sleeps – So What? The Documentary

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While She Sleeps - So What AlbumcoverWhile She Sleeps – So What?
Release: 01. März 2019
Label: Spinefarm Records