Wir haben einen neuen Primetime Failure Song für Euch

Primetime Failure
Foto: Tobias Dellmann

Primetime Failure präsentieren nach „I Like What You’ve Done With The Place“ mit „Blueprint“ den nächsten Titel aus ihrer kommenden EP „Oxygen“. Mit dabei ist Sabrina von Heart A Tact. Live könnt Ihr das großartige gespann im Zuge des Pop Punk Blow Up Vol. 1 im April in Hamburg und Hannover. Außerdem spielt die Band das Booze Cruise Festival VII und Punk Rock Holiday.

[su_quote cite=“Primetime Failure“]No shows, cancelled shows, a certain pandemic and talking to friends in bands reminiscing about shows, that’s what a lot of the last 2,5 years were about if you play in a band … if you’re also one of the „good ones“, you have heard Jawbreakers Tour Song at least once in your life … combine the two, pen meet paper, record it all, invite your friends in Heart A Tact to provide some vocals for that badly missed sense of of community and congrats, you just got yourself a slightly melancholic slice of tasty melodic goodness, sure to remind us all of a time, that’s hopefully in the past for the foreseeable future.[/su_quote]

Video: Primetime Failure – Blueprint


1. Just What The Doctor Ordered
2. I Like What You’ve Done With The Place
3. Song About Mike Dawner
4. Oxygen
5. Blueprint