Agnostic Front mit neuem Video zu „Urban Decay“

Agnostic Front 2019
Foto: Jörg Baumgarten

Agnostic Front haben ihrem Song „Urban Decay“ ein Video spendiert. Dieser stammt vom aktuellen Album „Get Loud!“ (Albumreview), das die NYC-Hardcore-Band Ende letzten Jahres veröffentlichte. Frontmann Roger Miret erklärt:

„The song itself is kind of like me taking you back to the Lower East Side, but back in 1981 when the Lower East Side was a different animal then what we see today. And it talks about what the Lower East Side was and what it was full of, you know danger and degenerates, it was unsafe, there was no room for weak people. Basically you had to be strong to survive and get through it, and on all levels, not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and everything. Obviously It talks about all the violence that was around then, and then verse two goes into a certain incident about a fight that took place around that time, a knife fight. But it’s basically a story of how the Lower East Side used to be, and just giving you a little bit of a flash of a certain time and place.“

Video: Agnostic Front – Urban Decay