Banks Arcade stellen neue Single via UNFD vor

Foto: Kinda Agency

Die Australier von Banks Arcade vermischen Metalcore mit Elektro- und Progparts und haben jüngst ihre Zusammenarbeit mit dem heimischen Label UNFD bekanntgegeben. Gleichzeitig veröffentlicht die Band um Frontmann Joshua O’Donnell, Gitarrist Jason Meadows, Keyboarder Kenny Kemsley, Bassist Harlan Allen-Jones und Drummer James Feekes mit „Don’t Start“ einen neuen Song. Zuletzt war 2020 die EP „Fever Dreams“ erschienen.

[su_quote cite=“Joshua O’Donnell“]It has an unwavering confidence to it. The song is aimed at those who try to tear us down behind closed doors but would never have the guts to front up and say something in person. It also speaks to the fact that most people talking shit the loudest are only doing it because they are threatened by you. It’s important to back yourself and not get too caught up on what others say.

We are all trying to do this life thing right and we have to heal from shit, and most of the time people saying negative things are just using that as a way to deal with their own trauma. I just let it roll off my back and choose to focus on getting better at what I do.[/su_quote]

Video: Banks Arcade – Don’t Start