Calling All Captains stellen mit „Laurel Canyon“ weitere Single vor

Calling All Captains
Pressefreigabe: Rude Records

Die Kanadier von Calling All Captains stellen eine zweite Vorabsingle ihres Debutalbums „Slowly Getting Better“ vor. Anbei kann der Videoclip zu “Laurel Canyon” im Stream angesehen werden – „Slowly Getting Better“ erscheint dann am 29. Oktober 2021 via Rude Records bzw. Equal Vision Records.

‚Laurel Canyon’ was the first song that we KNEW we were writing for this album. It kind of jump-started the creative process and bridged the gap between our writing style in ‘Nothing Grows Here’ and the styles you’ll hear on ‘Slowly Getting Better. The opening riff was actually written during one of our big US tours. We had stopped in a local guitar shop in Rochester, NY to kill some time and Connor picked up a Laurel Canyon acoustic, and out came that opening guitar part. We took a quick video to remember it, and then later when we returned home we paired it up with some lyrics inspired by real events in our lives. There are a lot of new flavors on this album, and ‘Laurel Canyon’ encapsulates a large portion of them all in one song. Feast your earsCalling All Captains

Video: Calling All Captains – Laurel Canyon