Corey Taylor befeuert den Zwist mit Machine Gun Kelly

Corey Taylor CMFT
Foto: WMG

Die Streitigkeiten zwischen Corey Taylor und Machine Gun Kelly gehen in die nächste Runde: Taylor ist an der Reihe seinem Ärger über den Sänger Luft zu machen. In einer Frage-Antwort-Runde auf der diesjährigen ShipRocked Cruise hat er den Zwist neu aufgerollt:

For those of you that don’t know, MGK doesn’t like me very much and let me follow that up by saying I don’t care. I won’t fill you in on the whole fucking story because you can go online and look it all up. However, I will say this: he maintains that I started it. The truth is he started it… You don’t get to walk into a genre with the history, with the work… The fact that this genre really doesn’t get the fucking respect that it deserves. You don’t get to walk in as some weird substitute teacher and pretend that you can tell us what to wear – boots, shoes, house fucking shoes, slippers. Why don’t you suck every inch of my dick? You don’t get to do that. And these are bands that maybe I don’t even fucking know, but guess what? I fucking respect them because they get on fucking stage and they fucking give every fucking thing they’ve got.Corey Taylor

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