Joey Cape und Brian Wahlstrom im Livestream mit Bad Astronaut-Songs

Joey Cape
Foto: Athena Lonsdale

Joey Cape hat gemeinsam mit Brian Wahlstrom für den 20. Juni einen Livestream angekündigt. In diesem Rahmen werden die zwei Musiker Songs von Bad Astronauts performen. Joey Cape kommentiert:

„Hey everyone! I couldn’t imagine myself saying this a couple months ago but, I have enjoyed these livestream performances during quarantine, the challenge of learning and playing full band songs stripped down. I feel like my story is incomplete without a Bad Astronaut set. The members of the band were still a bit uncomfortable with the idea of being in the same room and while we discussed doing it from separate places, in the end it did not look like it was going to work out technically. So, once again, my faithful musical soulmate, Brian Wahlstrom, and I are giving it a go.“

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