Mitglieder von MxPx, Bad Cop/Bad Cop und Zebrahead präsentieren Video für Mercy Music-Cover

Mercy Music

Mike Herrera von MxPx, Stacey Dee von Bad Cop/Bad Cop und Adrian Estrella und Ali Tabatabaee von Zebrahead haben ein Video ihres Covers von „Nothing In The Dark“ von Mercy Music veröffentlicht. Mike Herrera sagte über das Cover:

„With how competitive this industry can be, we realize we’re lucky to be doing this after all this time, on our schedule, on our terms, and that most don’t get to that point. I don’t think an opening slot helps a younger band the way they used to. The world is changing and how we learn about music and consume music is changing so fast. So we convinced our friends to try something new with us to help a younger band. This one’s written by the opener of the shows we’re all playing together, we didn’t even tell them we were doing it!!! Stacey, Ali, and Adrian were stoked to get involved, and honestly to them I say, thank you for trying one of our crazy ideas!!! To you guys, I say thank you for listening, and go listen to Mercy Music!!!“ <span class="su-quote-cite">Mike Herrera</span>

Video: MxPx – Zebrahead – Bad Cop/Bad Cop „Nothing In The Dark“ (Originally by Mercy Music)