Movements veröffentlichen zwei B-Seiten von „No Good Left To Give“

Foto: Movements

Vergangenes Jahr veröffentlichten Movements ihr aktuelles Album „No Good Left To Give“ (Albumreview). Nun dürfen wir uns mit “Panic” und “No Silhouette” über zwei B-Seiten des Albums freuen.

[su_quote cite=“Patrick Miranda“]The four of us spent almost a year writing and tracking demos to bring with us to the studio, and throughout that process, we ended up writing about 18 songs. This allowed us to get into the studio, go over everything we had, and trim down the record to the songs that we felt were the absolute best. We ended up recording 14 songs, but only putting 12 on the record. The two songs that didn’t make the cut were ‚Panic‘ and ‚No Silhouette‘ and we’re stoked to finally be able to release these songs to the public.[/su_quote]

Stream: Movements – Panic

Zum Song:

[su_quote cite=“Patrick Miranda“]The goal of NGLTG was to feel fresh and new, and ‚Panic‘ is a song that felt like more of an extension of our previous music instead of a progression. That being said, we all love this song! It’s upbeat, catchy, and feels fun, but the lyricism gives a different message. The song explores the ins and outs of living in a constant state of anxiety. We talk about the idea that worry, stress, anxiety attacks — although mostly uncontrollable — almost become a habit and something that feels impossible to break.[/su_quote]

Stream: Movements – No Silhouette

Zum Song:

[su_quote cite=“Patrick Miranda“]That was a song that we felt just didn’t stand up to the sonic environment of the rest of the record. It’s slightly more ‚poppy‘ than the rest of the music. We felt it might feel unrelated to the overall theme of the record so we decided to leave it off. The song itself addresses the loss of a loved one from the perspective of someone on the outside of the situation. It’s about watching someone you love lose someone that they love, and being there with them through it all. The idea was , ‚If you’re going through hell, I’m coming with you‘.[/su_quote]