Our Hollow, Our Home präsentieren neuen Track „Better Daze“

Our Hollow Our Home
Foto: Our Hollow, Our Home

Our Hollow, Our Home haben mit „Better Daze“ einen brandneuen Track veröffentlicht. Passend dazu wird auch ein Musikvideo präsentiert. Dies ist bereits der fünfte Vorbote auf das kommende neue Album „Burn In The Flood“, das am 28. Mai veröffentlicht wird.

Die britische Band über das neue Album:

„Whilst there is an overarching theme of being caught or trapped within your own emotions, on this record – rather than delving into a deep constructive narrative – we wanted to focus on letting each song have its own time in the spotlight, and have each tell its own story. Every time we start writing, we push ourselves harder than ever before, and all truly believe this is our strongest collection of songs to date.

The last year has been tough for everyone, but through all the hardships thrown at us, especially as touring musicians, we dug deep and ended up finding some of the rawest, most open & honest material we’ve ever written. This album was made entirely for our fans. They are a huge inspiration to us and this record has been brought to life by our literal blood, sweat and tears during a time where we honestly didn’t know if the world would even allow us to carry on doing what we love so dearly!

It’s a project which documents our personal growth and the genuine struggles faced in our daily lives, and we wear our hearts on our sleeves from beginning to end.”

Zuvor haben Our Hollow, Our Home bereits die Songs „Seven Years (Shine A Light On Me)“, „Burn In The Flood“, „Overcast“ und „Remember Me“ veröffentlicht.

Nach aktuellem Stand werden die Briten Ende des Jahres gemeinsam mit For I Am King, The City Is Ours und ChuggaBoom auf Deutschlandtour gehen. Alle Tourdates findet Ihr weiter unten, Tickets sichert Ihr Euch hier: Tickets

Video: Our Hollow, Our Home – Better Daze

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07.11. Köln, Club Volta
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