Peter And The Test Tube Babies mit neuem Song „Facebook Loser“

Foto: Peter Bywaters

Peter And The Test Tube Babies haben mit „Facebook Loser“ einen neuen Song vom kommenden Album „Fuctifano“ angekündigt, das am 06. März auf den Markt kommen wird. Peter dazu:

“The song is a response to the ever increasing stupidity of some people using Facebook. Prolific use of social media is contributing to the creation of social anxiety, as people become more and more dependent on what is a nothing but a mockery of social interaction. Hope you enjoy the single and thanks to Facebook and Social Media for creating the platform from which to advertise our new record…“

Am 06. März spielen Peter And The Test Tube Babies ihre Albumreleaseshow im Quasimodo in Berlin. Tickets dafür bekommt Ihr hier: Tickets

Video: Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Facebook Loser


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Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Fuctifano AlbumcoverPeter And The Test Tube Babies – Fuctifano
Release: 06. März 2020
Label: Arising Empire


01. Liver’s Lament
02. Facebook Loser
03. Hell To Pay
04. Cydrated
05. Saturday Dad
06. Gravy Train
07. I Ain’t Missing Her Yet
08. Wanker
09. Small Victories
10. Punched Awake
11. Tales Of The Bleedin‘ Obvious
12. Screwed Down
13. Queen Of Fucking Everything
14. Liver’s Lament (Reprise)