Samiam präsentieren neuen Song „Monterey Canyon“

Foto: Pressefreigabe/KINDA

Mit „Stowaway“ haben Samiam für den 31. März ihr neues Album angekündigt. Nach „Crystallized“ und „Lights Out, Little Hustler“ folgt nun mit „Monterey Canyon“ eine weitere neue Single.

This song is actually about parenting—octopus parenting that is. They recently discovered a deep sea octopus off the coast of California (in Monterey Canyon) who guards her brood of eggs without eating or leaving their side, nearly a mile beneath the surface, for a record 4 1/2 years—the longest known brooding period of any animal on earth. She basically just sits there guarding the eggs until they’re ready to hatch then she dies and floats off as they come to life. Is it a metaphor? Or an essentialization of the real sacrifices even human parents make in the chain of ongoing life? Or a kinda spooky ghost mom song about a deep sea octopus?Sean Kennerly

„Stowaway“ ist das erste neue Album der Band seit 12 Jahren.

Stream: Samiam – Monterey Canyon

Tracklist: Samiam – Stowaway

1. Lake Speed
2. Crystallized
3. Lights Out, Little Hustler
4. Shoulda Stayed
5. Shut Down
6. Scout Knife
7. Monterey Canyon
8. Natural Disasters
9. Stanley
10. Highwire
11. Something
12. Stowaway