Schaut das neue Video von The Fever 333

The Fever 333
Foto: Jimmy Fontaine

The Fever 333 haben ein neues Video zu ihrem Song „Made An America“ veröffentlicht. Das Trio aus Kalifornien besteht unter anderem aus Jason Butler, der damals Frontmann der Post Hardcore Band letlive. war, bevor sich diese auflöste.

Jason Aalon Butler über den Song und das Video:

“I am not afraid to talk about the truth anymore. I am not threatened by the ignorance that allowed us to push a very problematic history aside. There is no more reason for me to be compliant through silence, and there is absolutely no room for such silence in art. If you feel challenged by the idea of this video, I would encourage you to ask yourself ‘why?’ Then you can feel free to ask me or the other members of this project.

This video was an attempt to offer representation to gravely underrepresented, and ironically prevalent, faction in both music and society. This is an acknowledgment of those whose bodies were exploited in the name of power. The beautiful bodies and souls that have been taken from time and time again to serve the interests of someone else with no regard for their own existence or advancement. America has provided examples of this for millennia, by make no mistake, we are not the only ones.

My hope here is that people understand that by challenging these clearly damaging practices against people, we- the people, can observe the power that we possess when we move in solidarity. Integration, both voluntary and forcefully, sits at the foundation of our success and our failures as a people. Lest we forget, there is no power without the people, therefore all power lies within all people.

We built this mother fucker.”

Video: The Fever 333 – Made An America