Surfbort heizen Tony Hawk mit „Open Your Eyes“ ein

Foto: Parker Day

Surfbort haben ein neues Video zu dem Song „Open Your Eyes“, von der Platte „Keep on Truckin‘ aus dem Jahr 2021, veröffentlicht. Neben den Brooklynern ist auch Tony Hawk in dem Video zu sehen und wird ordentlich in die Mangel genommen.

It was so rad hanging with Tony Hawk for ‘Open Your Eyes.’ He is such a talented, incredible human and we share the same self-deprecating humor. He let me scream at him and tell him he sucks and then he let me skate him as my skateboard! The video of us refereeing and yelling at Tony relates to real life, if people are telling you you suck or trying to bring you down pushing through and skating through to the good times is what life is about! He also did a trick over me, kinda one of the coolest moments of my life.<span class="su-quote-cite">Dani Miller</span>

Video: Surfbort – Open Your Eyes