The Dangerous Summer stellen zweite Single aus “Coming Home” vor

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Das neue Album der US-Indie/Emorockband The Dangerous Summer heißt “Coming Home” und wird am 26. August via Rude Records erscheinen. Unten stellt die Band um Frontmann AJ Perdomo mit “Someday” einen zweiten Vorabsong der Platte inklusive Videoclip vor. Im Statement sagt der Sänger und Bassist:

“Someday” was a song that came extremely organically to us; Matt started playing this riff, and our drummer Christian started jamming to it. We recorded him jamming to it, and literally the first thing he sat down to play became the final take. Even in the middle he paused to think, and started ripping into it again. We kept it all, it was beautiful and real, a true moment. I immediately wrote the lyrics and it became a song about the love that you neglect. The video came later, and the metaphor for the woman in our lives that we constantly neglect became way too real. It was amazing to be able to create this feeling from front to back, and watch how it has bloomed.AJ Perdomo

Video: The Dangerous Summer – Someday