Trash Boat mit neuer Single „Old Soul“

Trash Boat 2018
Foto: Pressefreigabe/Hopeless Records

Dir Briten Trash Boat haben mit „Old Soul“ die dritte Single ihres kommenden Albums „Crown Shyness“ veröffentlicht. Das neue Werk kommt am 20. Juli via Hopeless Records auf den Markt.

Frontmann Tobi Duncan über den Song:

„I wrote ‚Old Soul‘ after deciding to really get to know my grandfather. I had always known he had had a crazy life, but I had only heard second- hand stories from my mother. I spent a few days just talking to him and learning about his life.There is too much to go into, but needless to say he has had such a wealth of experience that I was stunned and humbled,“ he said. „It put into perspective everything I was going through at the time and taught me a lot about respect. He’s 95 now and still going. The song is called ‚Old Soul‘ because that is what he calls everyone as a term of endearment so I named it after him.“

Zuvor haben Trash Boat bereits die beiden Singles „Shade“ und „Inside Out“ präsentiert.

Video: Trash Boat – Old Soul

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Trash Boat Crown Shyness AlbumcoverTrash Boat – Crown Shyness
Release: 20. Juli 2018
Label: Hopeless Records