Underoath teilen weiteren Song vom kommenden Album

Foto: Underoath

Underoath teilen mit „Pneumonia“ eine weitere Single vom kommenden Album „Voyeurist“, das am 14. Januar nächsten Jahres auf den Markt kommen wird. Darauf thematisiert die Band den Tod des Vaters von Gitarrist Tim McTague.

We started writing the song, randomly, on the anniversary of my dad’s death, and to release it exactly a year from that day is wild. I was in a funk and wanted to make something sad but felt drained. The song ended up becoming an audible journey of death and is called ‘Pneumonia’ because that is what was listed on my dad’s death certificate. It’s also the only song in the history of the band that Spencer and Aaron sat someone down and asked them (me) to help write some of the lyrics, which was truly an honor.Tim McTagueh

Zuvor wurden bereits die beiden Singles „Damn Excuses“ und „Hallelujah“ ins Rennen geschickt.

Stream: Underoath – Pneumonia

Tracklist: Underoath – Voyeurist

01. Damn Excuses
02. Hallelujah
03. I’m Pretty Sure I’m Out Of Luck and Have No Friends
04. Cycle (feat. Ghostemane)
05. Thorn
06. (No Oasis)
07. Take A Breath
08. We’re All Gonna Die
09. Numb
10. Pnuemonia