We Bless This Mess überraschen mit neuem Album

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We Bless This Mess haben auf der Zielgeraden des letzten Jahres ein neues Album veröffentlicht. Dieses trägt den Namen „Enlightened Fool“ und erschien auf
Oh Lee Music. Aufgenommen wurden die Songs 2019 in Kalifornien. Die Band berichtet:

„Much love to everyone who helped make this dream come true. This journey will remain in our hearts forever, we hope you feel that you are a huge part of it too. Without all of your support, this wouldn’t be possible. That is why your names are a part of this record with the same importance as each chord, each drum beat or vocal part. These songs are for you. For all of us. Enlightened Fool is a celebration of life, love and joy.“

Stream: We Bless This Mess – Enlightened Fool


1. Before You Play This Record, Listen To This
2. Good That You’re Letting It Go
3. Still Water
4. Messy Hair: Red Lipstick
5. Happy Monsters In My Closet
6. Humanity.Wake.Up
7. Almost Straight Edge
8. Solitude
9. Find.Unfold.Accept
10. Now And Today