Yungblud: Schaut hier das Video zu „Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today“

Yungblud Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today YouTube Screenshor
Foto: YouTube-Screenshot/YUNGBLUD

Yungblud hat zu seinem Song „Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today“ ein Musikvideo veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt vom kommenden, selbstbetitelten Album, das am 02. September auf den Markt kommen wird.

[su_quote cite=“Yungblud“]I wrote this song on a morning when I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I sat and looked at the ceiling, head full of so much shit, reading what the internet was saying about me that day, and I just didn’t feel like feeling sad. I wrote these words to help me stand up. To me this song is what happiness feels like. Happiness with a bite. A defiant sort of happiness. Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling the sadness to fuck off and come back another day. I wanted this song to be a little part of someone’s day, no matter what they’re going through they can put this on and feel a bit stronger today. That’s the vision, that’s the dream… That’s why when we made the video. It needed to replicate that idea. My manager asked me ‘what can we do, that no one else does?’ And the concept came to us. All over the world I meet my fans in the streets, to feel a connection. To look into another person’s eyes and see that they’re going through the same things as me. It’s kind of become a ritual of ours. Put it this way, the fucking police all over the world know when we’re town! So I said let’s roll some cameras, pull up a truck, no permits, no permission, tell people to meet me at a location and have a massive water fight. Sing, scream, and feel together. Imperfect, raw, real … happy.[/su_quote]

Video: Yungblud – Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today