Creeper mit neuem Video zu „Misery“

Die Briten Creeper haben zu ihrem Song „Misery“ ein neues Video veröffentlicht. Dies zeigt Live-Aufnahmen von der Band und ihren Fans während ihrer „Eternity, In Your Arms“-Tour (einen Bericht aus Hamburg findet Ihr hier) und ihrem Auftritt auf dem Download Festival. Der Song stammt vom aktuellen Album „Eternity, In Your Arms“ (lest hier unser Review).

Creeper auf Facebook:

„One of the most vital aspects of Creeper is our incredible connection with our fans, which has grown and evolved into something very special indeed, particularly over the past year.

It’s at our live shows where this bond truly bursts into life, where band and audience move and sing as one. ‘Misery’ was the first song where this union truly started becoming larger than life, bigger than just a band on a stage, and we wanted to reflect that as best we could in a video for this re-imagined version of the song.

Nothing can fully put across just how electric the atmosphere is when we sing with you, but we hope you enjoy this celebration of our communion, until we meet again…“

Video: Creeper – Misery