Escape From The Zoo unterschreiben bei Fat Wreck Chords

Escape From The Zoo formen sich um Days N’ Daze’s Jesse Sendejas und seine Frau Veronica. Die Band kündigte jüngst ihr Debutalbum „Countin‘ Cards“ an, welches zusammen mit We The Heathens Mitglied Elliot Lozier aufgenommen wurde und am 11. Februar via Fat Wreck Chords erscheinen soll.

Anbei stellen Escape From The Zoom mit „12 Rounds“ einen ersten Eindruck zur Platte vor.

I think both of us were sitting at home with not much to do. It was probably a really introspective handful of months for everybody, but we both get stuck in our heads a lot. We get hit hard with waves of solipsism, where it feels like we’re the only people on the planet. That’s a weird and scary feeling, and it forces you to look at yourself because that’s the only thing that feels real at the time. So a lot these songs are Elliot and I sorting through thoughts and feelings and trying to make sense of why we’re having them and what they mean.Jesse Sendejas

 Video: Escape From The Zoo – 12 Rounds