Fever 333: Neuer Song „Supremacy“ als kostenloser Download

Fever 333
Foto: Roadrunner Records

Gestern haben Fever 333 nicht nur einen Benefiz-Livestream gestartet, sondern auch ihren neuen Song „Supremacy“ veröffentlicht. Diesen bieten sie als kostenlosen Download an. Frontmann Jason Bulter dazu:

„This project is and forever will be a reaction to its environment- and right now it seems, for the first time in our generation’s timeline, those that typically have some implicitly racist and misaligned thing to say about the unjust killing of non white citizens are not as loud this time (…) As painful as this all is for us, we must utilize this moment. We must speak out. We MUST mobilize, show up for our non white brothers and sisters and do not waiver in our speech when we scream #BLACKLIVESMATTER.“