Josh von Malevolence im Interview

Foto: Pressefreigabe / Nuclear Blast

Mit „Malicious Intent“ (Albumreview) veröffentlicht die britische Metal/Hardcore-Band Malevolence ihr mittlerweile drittes Studioalbum. Im Interview sprechen wir mit Gitarrist Josh Baines über die neuen Songs, den Druck von Social Media und aktuelle Einflüsse.

Malevolence has always been a metal band.Josh Baines

„We got together because of metal“

How would you describe the sound of Malevolence?

I think I would say Malevolence has quite a diverse sound. I’d like to think there’s something in there for everyone without sounding too cliche. If you’re a fan of big heavy riffs, breakdowns and grooves, as well emotive melodies then you’ll like Malev!

“Malicious Intent “ is your third album, how was the recording process?

It wasn’t quite as intense this time as it has been on previous records. We used Treehouse studios which is just outside Sheffield which meant we could come and go as we pleased and keep going over things really easily and sleep in our own beds at night. In times gone by we’ve just crashed on the floor of the studio every night and eaten really badly which just creates a bad working environment. Plus, there’s always a pressure to get everything done in the time you’re at the studio whereas this time we didn’t have that as much.

Jim Pinder who produced the record is the nicest dude on the planet and is ridiculously good at his job and was really into the record and put a lot of effort in. He also saw the vision we had for it which made everything run really smoothly.

I can hear several influences on the new songs like Machine Head and Crowbar just to name the strongest, would you say that you are Metalheads in Hardcore clothes?

Malevolence has always been a metal band. When we were starting out there were a lot of hardcore shows happening so that’s what we’d play. We grew up in that scene and of course took some influence and began to love hardcore but in the beginning we got together because of metal. We would all go and see bands like Lamb of God and In Flames in Sheffield before we ever even knew what hardcore was. I don’t think just because not all of us have long hair or wear studded bracelets means we’re not a metal band. At the end of the day it’s a genre of music. Robb Flynn used to wear big baggy jerseys and have cornrows but no one questioned whether Machine Head was a metal band. I just want people to enjoy what they hear no matter what they look like. Malevolence is for everyone.

„It can sometimes be stressful to create a constant stream of content“

What’s your favorite song on the new record?

My personal favourite song on the new record would be „Higher Place“. I originally wrote the music for my Grandad’s funeral and later decided to turn it into a song for the band. Although the lyrics aren’t about my Grandad the song still holds a huge place in my heart.

“The Other Side” has more than 3.000.000 million klicks on Spotify, how proud are you?

I’m extremely proud of that EP. To say that we released it ourselves through our own record label (MLVLTD) in the middle of a lockdown and it’s only three songs with that many plays is a big achievement in my eyes.

In these times, Social Media is more important than everything else. Your band is very present on Instagram and YouTube. How stressful is it to create nonstop content?

It can sometimes be stressful to create a constant stream of content but at the minute it’s made a lot easier because we have a new record to promote. It’s the times when you don’t have anything to promote that makes it hard! I also think it’s massively important to create your own style of branding because it helps you stand out from the crowd. I think we’ve been pretty good at it so far but we’re always learning and trying to improve that side of the band as well.

“Look how crazy this is lads, lets absolutely smash it!”

The last weeks you played your first arena shows with the architects. How was this for you?

It was a very surreal experience. When we started the band we had no intention of ever doing a tour as big as that one so when we found ourselves counting down the minutes before the first show there was a strange buzz between us all like “look how crazy this is lads, lets absolutely smash it!”, and I think we did! It’s cool to be able to play tiny shows as well as huge ones and still have a mad reaction.

How are your touring plans after the release?

We have a very busy schedule as soon as the album drops. It all kicks off by going to Malta to play with Bring Me The Horizon, then it’s straight into festival season. We play Mystic festival, Download, Jera,on Air, Full Force and Bloodstock just to name a few and we also go on tour in America with The Acacia Strain between these festivals so it’s pretty full on!

Thanks for the interview, the last words are yours!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoy the new record. PEACE!

Video: Malevolence – Still Waters Run Deep