Neues 36 Crazyfists Album kommt im September

Die Metalband 36 Crazyfists hat für den 29. September ihr neues Album „Lanterns“ angekündigt. Die Band aus Alaska kann auf eine mehr als 20-jährige Bandgeschichte zurück blicken und veröffentlicht mit ihrem neuen Album ihr nunmehr siebtes Studioalbum. “This will be our 23rd year,” erklärt Frontmann Brock Lindow. “It’s not a band; it’s a family. We’ve done so many incredible things because of 36 Crazyfists and the friendships we all have. When I needed my friends over the past few years, they were there for me. With everything we went through, victory is the end result here on this record. I hope it spreads some light.”

„It was extreme depression“

Brock Lindow über „Lanterns“ :

“Lanterns represent the light we all seek. These songs are all about struggling to locate it and trying to find the way to move forward and get past what has mentally hampered you in your life. Everyone deals with depression on some level. It’s a matter of how you’re going to get out of it, put one foot in front of the other, get up, and live in this dark spot. That encompasses the umbrella of the album. I can say I’m much stronger mentally than I was two years ago when we started this.”

Die Lyrics sind unter anderem entstanden, während Lindow auf einem Fischerboot arbeitete. Damals war es am „lowest point in my life“ , wie er selbst sagt. “It was extreme depression,” erklärt er weiter.

„It was a difficult writing process for me“

“I got divorced after 13 years. That tailspun me a little bit. A number of things happened that I wasn’t used to. I’m a pretty upbeat guy, and I’m not accustomed to that feeling. It was a difficult writing process for me. Things didn’t flow for a long time, because I couldn’t get focused outside of my everyday life.”

Ende Dezember letzten Jahres traf er sich mit Gitarrist Steve Holt, im Demos aufzunehmen. Im Februar wurden die Songs für „Lantern“ schließlich aufgenommen. “It was the most fun I’ve ever had recording an album,” so Lindow. “I really studied the demos and had my direction.”