Palm Reader präsentieren neues Video zu „False Thirst“

Palm Reader
Foto: Pressefreigabe/Starkult

Am 28. Mai veröffentlichen Palm Reader ihr aktuelles Album „Sleepless“ – das in UK bereits Ende letzten Jahres auf den Markt kam – exklusiv als Vinyl-Version. Diese wird in black & purple galaxy erhältlich sein.

Zum Song „False Thirst“ hat die Band aus Nottingham just ein neues Musikvideo veröffentlicht.

Frontmann Josh Mckeown über den Song:

„This song is about the normality behind life’s difficulties. We all find it hard in some respect. So, considering the thought of all our collective hardships, ‘should it be easy?’ That was the question I found myself asking whilst writing and it really helped me, even before it was answered, to gain some perspective. Realising you’re not alone in your troubles can really help to relieve the pressure we put on ourselves and reduce the stress surrounding those moments. In short, life is really fucking hard sometimes, but it goes on and it gets better.”

Video: Palm Reader – False Thirst