Real Friends veröffentlichen die Single „Always Lose“

Real Friends
Foto: Danielle Parsons

Die in Illinois ansässige Band Real Friends hat mit „Always Lose“ einen ausgezeichneten neuen Song veröffentlicht, der ab sofort über Pure Noise Records erhältlich ist. Über die Single:

To sum ‚Always Lose‘ up lyrically for me, it’s a song about feeling unlovable & being faced with repeated failed attempts. I think over the years I have grown a bit of jadedness. It comes from having fallen in love several times, believing I had found ‘the one’ and ultimately that not being so. When I truly open up and become close with someone, is when I’m scared of losing them most. Which has made it hard to break walls down. The song is about those fears and hopes of overcoming them.<span class="su-quote-cite">Real Friends</span>

Video: Real Friends – Always Lose