Sum 41 teilen neuen Song „Catching Fire“ feat. Nothing,Nowhere

Sum 41
Foto: Pressefreigabe/ KINDA Agency

Triggerwarnung: Versuchter Suizid

Sum 41 teilen mit „Catching Fire“ einen brandneuen Song samt Video. Unterstützung bekommt die Punkrock-Band von Nothing,Nowhere. Ein Track, der sehr tief geht, denn Frontmann Deryck Whibley thematisiert darin den Suizid-Versuch seiner Frau Ari.

Er erklärt:

“Writing this song was cathartic for me in dealing with my emotions for the first time about almost losing my wife to suicide. When I first played it for her, it was the beginning of us having an open conversation about what she went through. In sharing her story, we are hoping to let others know they are not alone and that if you need help, there is no shame in saying so.”

Ihr letztes Album „Order In Decline“ (Albumreview) veröffentlichten Sum 41 im Jahr 2019.

Video: Sum 41 – Catching Fire (feat. Nothing,Nowhere)