Therapy? mit Lyric-Video zu „Success? Success Is Survival“

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Die Alternative-Rock-Urgesteine von Therapy? haben im Herbst letzten Jahres ihr aktuelles Studioalbum „Cleave“ (Albumreview) veröffentlicht. Darauf findet sich auch der Song „Success? Success Is Survival“, dem die Band nun ein Lyric-Video gewidmet hat. Sänger Andy Cairns sagt über den Song und dessen Einflüsse:

“The song is about the growing divide between the haves and have-nots.” And the societal views in the track “Vladimir Lenin said, ‘Capitalist society, is and has always been horror without end’. The opening line of the track is “the cream of this country, rich and thick” and is paraphrased from Samuel Beckett to describe his patrons at Portora School for Boys in Enniskillen (i.e. rich, entitled).

This then leads into the pre-chorus “that’s the order that’s been set, we’re expected to accept” this looks at how a ‘caste’ system is increasing. The second verse contrasts this with imagery of desperate immigrants who regularly risk their own and their children’s lives to cross perilous water. The title and chorus of the song comes from Leonard Cohen. Asked in an interview in the early 70’s what his definition of success was he replied “Success? Success is survival.“

Video: Therapy? – Success? Success Is Survival

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