Therapy? mit neuer Single „Callow“

Foto: Pressefreigabe/ Kinda Agency

Nachdem Therapy? in der vergangenen Woche ihr neues Album „Cleave“ für den 21. September angekündigt haben, präsentiert die Band nun mit „Callow“ eine neue Single samt Video. Im Zuge ihrer Tour machen Therapy? am 17. Oktober auch im MusikZentrum in Hannover Halt. Tickets bekommt Ihr hier: Tickets

Andy Cairns über den neuen Song:

“Callow is one of two songs on the album that I wrote start-to-finish. Everyone who knows anything about our band know that I love Hüsker Dü and The Buzzcocks and Ramones, and this is another melodic punky song in the vein of Nowhere and Screamager and Lonely, Cryin’, Only, with maybe a hint of the Manic Street Preachers The Holy Bible too. My son Jonah is really into a rapper called Lil Peep, which sounds to me like emo with trap drum beats, with lyrics about how fucked up and lost and lonely he feels, and I managed to get Jonah a ticket for his show in London last year. A few months later he said to me, ‘Lil Peep is dead’, and I could see that he was really affected by it: I realised that, for him, this was like the passing of John Lennon or Ian Curtis or Kurt Cobain. In some of his music, Lil Peep talked about the antidepressant Xanax, the over-use of which has become a real problem in the UK, and while I was thinking about that I remembered a Stephen Fry quote where, after he was prescribed antidepressants to combat his manic depression, and he said that he felt like a zombie for months. He said something like, ‘If you take away my demons, you’ll also take my angels.’ His point was that, yes, there were dizzying heights and terrifying lows without antidepressants, but he’d rather have that than constant numbness. So this song is talking about how we negotiate the chaos of life right now, and to understand why someone might numb out so that they don’t notice our divides”.

„Cleave“ ist das mittlerweile 15. Studioalbum von Therapy? und Nachfolger des 2015er Albums „Disquiet“.

Video: Therapy? – Callow