Thornhill veröffentlichen die Single „In My Skin“

Foto: Pressefreigabe / KINDA

Thornhill veröffentlichen am am kommenden Freitag ihr Debütalbum „The Dark Pool“ via UNFD. Mit „Coven“, „Nurture“ und zuletzt „Where We Go When We Die“ (News) gab es daraus bereits einige Songs zu hören. Nun präsentiert die Band mit „In My Skin“ einen weiteren Titel. Der thematisiert vor allem Ideale, die Beziehung zum eigenen Körper und Selbst-Akzeptanz. Für Sänger Jacob Charlton ein sehr persönlicher Song, wie er erzählt:

“’In My Skin’ is a huge one on the album for me, I’ve never liked what I look like, I’ve looked in the mirror a million times and hated myself, so I decided that this year, 2019, was the year I did something about it.

After UNIFY, I got off stage and saw the pictures and I absolutely hated how I looked, so after that I cut my hair off and have since lost 15kgs. I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m going hard enough at it that I simply can’t hate myself because I’m on the journey. While this song is about me and my body, it can be for everyone dealing with something they’re not happy with. I’ve learnt that you can be happier just for doing something about it, rather than necessarily getting to the outcome“.

Video: Thornhill – In My Skin

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Thornhill - The Dark Pool AlbumcoverThornhill – The Dark Pool
Release: 25. Oktober 2019
Label: UNFD


1. Views From The Sun
2. Nurture
3. The Haze
4. Red Summer
5. In My Skin
6. All The Light We Don’t See
7. Lily & The Moon
8. Coven
9. Human
10. Netherplace
11. Where We Go When We Die